Then you can love

Then you can loveIf parents are too occupied onlythe child, constantly worry onlyabout it, they become uninteresting forpeople around and even for each other.

It is necessaryhonest to carry out the parentalduties but also not to lose such pleasures,which will not damage to your child.

Then you can love more than thethe child and with great pleasure to showto it the love.


SpockJwith another certain rules and the management,which will help it to save up own vitalexperience.

Paradoxes of educationDoctor Spock the personality, certainly, outstandinbut at the same time and rather inconsistent, about whatmore than once spoke both his critics, and supporters.

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However Such is the main advantage of division.

However for this purpose it is necessary to instruct seniors that they correctly concerned the more young companions.

the senior learns the younger My kind friend Limor SoferPetman, the psychologist in the field of applied education and the psychotherapist, rasskaa hall to me about an interesting case which occurred recently between two her daughters.

– Senior from them, the first grader, having come back home from school, in a game form explained to the little sister everything that sluchian elk in a day.

I saw in it no more than simple game, but you will not believe that happened in half a year.

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I should understand

I should understand In its communication with society, with environment, his tendencies are shown.

After all any form of our activity is directed on communication between us.

Even if I am engaged in butterflies, means, society somehow medelegates on this activity.

I should understand the importance is to someone it is necessary.

In the beginning we should be engaged some years with children in a range from years till It and work on their inclusion each other, and visits of various objects industrial, scientific, medical, public of what they will gradually form ideas of different spheres active people.

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But it will

But it will Only the approach there is necessary very thought over, neobkho patience, especially at the beginning.

But it will quickly work.

if we use video filming and then the psychological analysis, – and problem children are very susceptible to it, because they have a developed vanity, – that can reach there big successes.

– I in the eighties served in the Soviet army which at that time was constructed in many respects, as criminal structures.

Outwardly – one, and in practice – absolutely another … In the afternoon – patriotic conversations, and in the evening – from devatelstvo, the extremely disgusting forms of relationship.

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Uooh! The doll

Uooh! The doll Elilicheeva MashenkaMasha, Our doll, In sanochka sat down, From a hill swept.

Uooh! The doll and scarf are used.

Spread on a floor a scarf it is possible to use a piece of a fabric or a diaper, set on a scarf a doll.

Offer to the child to undertake one end of a scarf, undertake another.

Singing son quietly pull for itself the scarf end, inducing the child to operate symmetrically with you.

On the words Uooh sharply pull a scarf Mashenka went from a hill! If at the child it does not turn out yet to operate together with you, simply sing a son accompanying it movements.

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